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Gyroid Guide

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Gyroid Guide Gyroid

What's a Gyroid ?
Gyroids are small figurine items that are found in Animal Crossing; and when turned on (By pressing "A" in front of the gyroid), they make periodic little movements, in addition to a unique sound. In real life, a Gyroid is actually a reference to a "gyrating clay figurine" called a Haniwa.

What are they for?
Like mentioned above, every gyroid has a different sound, look, and motion. When combined with the sounds of other gyroid's you can discover neat new tunes you can show off to your friends, or enjoy yourself. The time when gyroids do their little dances and make their sounds actually corresponds with the beats of the music playing in your house; gotten from K.K. Slider on Saturday nights in the Roost.

Where can I get them?
In Animal Crossing: City Folk (Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City! PAL) Gyroids can also be obtained from winning Hide N' Seek; in which by finding all three participating residents under fifteen minutes, you will be rewarded with either a gyroid, or a furniture item from the animal who set the game up. However, Gyroids will appear in the ground after a day of precipitation the previous day (Snow or rain).

*NOTE, Animals will randomly offer to play hide and seek with you when speaking to them.

Running out of room? Try the Roost!
A new feature included in City Folk is the ability to store Gyroids in the Roost, located below the museum. However, there's a catch...In order to be able to store Gyroids, you must drink a total of SEVEN of brewster's coffee. You can only drink one coffee a day, so it will take a whole week to be able to get this feature. Once you do, Brewster will give you the oppurtunity to store gyroids at his coffee shop. He doesn't have much room, so he doesn't take duplicates.

Gyroid List

Below is a list of every Gyroid in Animal Crossing: Wii. Note that every gyroid sells for 828 bells at Tom Nooks, and the "purchase" value for Auctions at the Auction House is 3,312 bells.

Clankoid Dingloid Percoloid Oombloid Rhythmoid
Mega Clankoid
Mini Clankoid
Tall Clankoid Squat Dingloid
Mega Dingloid
Mini Dingloid
Wee Dingloid
Tall Dingloid Mega Percoloid
Tall Percoloid Mega Oombloid
Mini Oombloid
Tall Oombloid Rhythmoid
Mini Rhythmoid
Puffoid Lullaboid Sproid Bowtoid Tootoid
Mega Puffoid
Mini Puffoid
Tall Puffoid Mega Lullaboid
Mini Lullaboid
Tall Lullaboid Mega Sproid
Mini Sproid
Tall Sproid Mega Bowtoid
Mini Bowtoid
Tall Bowtoid Mega Tootoid
Mini Tootoid
Plinkoid Dekkoid Buzzoid Drilloid Echoid
Mega Plinkoid
Mini Plinkoid Mega Dekkoid
Mini Dekkoid Mega Buzzoid
Mini Buzzoid
Tall Buzzoid Mega Drilloid
Mini Drilloid Mega Echoid
Mini Echoid
Tall Echoid
Lamentoid Strumboid Croakoid Fizzoid Squelchoid
Mega Lamentoid
Mini Lamentoid
Tall Lamentoid Mega Strumboid
Mini Strumboid
Tall Strumboid Mega Croakoid
Mini Croakoid
Tall Croakoid Mega Fizzoid
Mini Fizzoid Mega Squelchoid
Mini Squelchoid
Howloid Nebuloid Gongoid Poltergoid Metatoid
Mega Howloid
Mini Howloid Mega Nebuloid
Squat Nebuloid
Mini Nebuloid
Tall Nebuloid
Slim Nebuloid Mega Gongoid
Mini Gongoid
Tall Gongoid Mega Poltergoid
Mini Poltergoid
Tall Poltergoid Metatoid
Mini Metatoid
Bovoid Oboid Dinkoid Harmonoid Droploid
Mega Bovoid
Tall Bovoid Mega Oboid
Tall Oboid Mega Dinkoid
Mini Dinkoid Mega Harmonoid
Mini Harmonoid
Tall Harmonoid Tall Droploid
Sputnoid Alloid Timpanoid Gargloid Warbloid
Mega Sputnoid
Mini Sputnoid
Tall Sputnoid Mega Alloid
Mini Alloid
Tall Alloid Mega Timpanoid
Mini Timpanoid
Tall Timpanoid Gargloid
Mini Gargloid
Tall Gargloid Warbloid
Mini Warbloid
Tall Warbloid
Freakoid Quazoid Rustoid
Mega Freakoid
Mini Freakoid Mega Quazoid
Mini Quazoid
Tall Quazoid
Slim Quazoid Mega Rustoid
Mini Rustoid

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