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Forever Forgotten

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1Forever Forgotten Empty Forever Forgotten on Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:27 pm

Forever Forgotten J_do_elements
In 1548...what? What do you mean you've never heard of anything important happening back then?! Well hush and listen up, because one of the biggest events in history had occurred then. Back then, when the British didn't know that my old home didn't exist, we lived peacefully, until that day late in May when suddenly we all began getting this sickness. My mother, my father, and my two siblings all died from it, but I was one who had managed to get away, and I fled my home. I came across this wonderful land, where there were tall pines and lots of deer with strange appearances and odd racks. I soon learned that this is where it would all happen, where I met the most violent, and strange, beings in my life. They had light skin, most of them at least, and they had...abilities. To prevent myself from getting killed by them, I began to worship them, for they must have been gods of the elements, but what else? There were many of many, and soon some of my people joined me, worshiping these gods like they deserved. They called themselves, now what was it, Pheasants? Oh, no not that, it was Pharaohs. Pharaoh of Fire, Pharaoh of Earth. They were all very kind to us, but they wouldn't decline our devotion to them. Soon, though, the Pharaohs went into hiding, and soon all of my people died off. The Pharaohs, though, soon returned, and made me into one of them, just imagine that! Wait, this isn't a big deal you say? Balderdash, it is to me! Now, get out of my forest before I send the roots at you. Why did I tell you this? Why?! Well, now all of the countries are after us Pharaohs, and we have grouped up to set the world back in order and regain control over humans! Now leave, I need to journey to the other Pharaohs, they need me!


Be Nice
At least Five Sentences
Good Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, etc.
No OOC fighting
PM any plots to me

If you have any more, PM ME!
There are three Dark related elements because lots of people may want dark. No one person can have all three or even two of the darks.
Can move and control water.

Can create air currents.

Is able to control fire, and make fire appear out of nowhere.

Is able to push the earth to there advantage.

Can make plants grow and move to there advantage.

Is able to send beams of light at people and can make there fingers glow for light.

Is able to make any light flicker out and can move shadows.

Is able to make any light flicker out and can move shadows.

Can speak to mammals, and is able to morph into any four mammals

Sea Creatures
Can breath underwater and speak to any sea creature.

Can control all gold, silver, etc. They can melt it, turn it solid, and combine them.

Can speak to reptilian animals, and is cold blooded. They can turn into four of this reptiles.

Is able to make any light flicker out and can moves shadows.

Has telepathy, and can slightly manipulate a humans mind.

Can cause lightly to crash down in a specific locations, as well as electrocute people, due to the currents that flow through there body.

Can create sound waves and loud screeches, and other things of the sort to attack or defend.

Is able to freeze water or breath out the chill, freezing a human. Can also control the ice they make.

Can create force fields and orbs out of there own aura, and sense the presence and feelings of others by their aura.

The ability to calm the mind and sooth anger, as well as creating illusions.


Appearance: (I would prefer a description or a realistic picture, but if you have to use anime, fine)

Who's Who:
= Female
= Male
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