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Rules (Updated 2/22/13)

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Basement Cat
Basement Cat
Since Animal Crossing New Beginning is such a small community, we only have a few rules.

1. This is a family friendly website. Even if I have a variety of swears blocked, try to stay appropriate.
2. Be kind to others, as said before, this is a family friendly website.
3. You may advertise a website of yours under MY permission. Doing so otherwise will result in a warning.
4. No spamming me in PM's asking to join the Admin's group or Moderator group, etc. I will ask you when I know I can trust you and when I think you are ready.
5. You get three warnings until you meet ban requirements. 4 more bans after that first will result in a Permanent ban.
6. I accept WIFI requests only if I think I can trust you. I am a hacker, but of the good kind.
7. I am usually busy on this site trying to get it all tidied up. If yo have any questions, but if I'm not available, ask our site helper, verify.

That's all the rules for now, but more for sure will be added in the future.

Rules (Updated 2/22/13) 2282854kn0rxcks
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