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Basement Cat
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Have you ever wanted to be able to show your emotions without having to directly say them? Thanks to Dr. Shrunk and Frillard, you can!

To get an emotion, go to the Marquee in the City, located between the ABD Machine and HRA Headquarters. Inside, you can buy a ticket to go see a particular show (every week the shows change). Four different emotions are shown; pick one. The person behind the counter will ask for 800 bells. Pay, and you go inside the theater!

After entering the theater, you might see some other characters seating in the two rows. Feel free to talk to them before or after the show for a random chat. Take a seat anywhere and the show will begin!

Dr. Shrunk (who was in AC:WW) or Frillard could be the one doing the show. Frillard appears randomly, and he can teach emotions which Dr Shrunk can't. After doing a short performance using the emotion, you get the emotion added to your character. Note: You can only have 4 emotions to use at a time. If you have 4 emotions, you must erase a previous emotion to learn a new one.

Now, there is one special emotion that neither Dr. Skunk nor Frillard can teach, and it's called "Waving". It is not actually a emotion like the others, but it is done my pressing "A" on the Wiimote while you are at a certain distance from your neighbor and while you have your "hand" pointer over them. Then, your character will raise its arm and wave to the neighbor, who will wave back or bow at you.

After you wave your neighbor will just stare at you for a moment, waiting for you to talk to them if you intend to. If at first it does not work, try relocating yourself to a new angle or change the distance between you and your neighbor. Note: Waving twice to the same neighbor at the same moment does not work; you must go away and then come back to wave again.

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