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Hair Guide (CF ONLY)

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Basement Cat
Basement Cat
In the City, when you go to Shampoodle and talk to Harriet, after paying 3,000 bells, you can change your hairstyle, anywhere from the style to the color.

Boy Hairstyles
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) Aaa_boyCute --> Not at all! --> You bet I am!
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) Aab_boyCute --> Not at all! --> Not so much
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) ABA_boyCute --> Totally! --> No way...darlin'
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) ABB_boyCute --> Totally! --> I could care less

Hair Guide (CF ONLY) BAA_boyGrown Up --> Big brother --> Um, receive it?
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) BAB_boyGrown Up --> Big brother --> Um, give it?
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) BBA_boyGrown up --> Businessman --> I'll risk it
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) BBB_boyGrown Up --> Businessman --> I'll run away!

Hair Guide (CF ONLY) CAA_boyCrazy! --> Sure! --> Movie Star!
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) CAB_boyCrazy! --> Sure! --> Rock Star!
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) CBA_boyCrazy! --> Not. At. ALL. --> Yeah, totally
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) CBB_boyCrazy! --> Not. At. ALL. --> No, it just happens

Girl Hairstyles

Hair Guide (CF ONLY) AAA_girlCute --> Not at all! --> Going out!
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) AAB_girlCute --> Not at all! --> Going home..
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) ABA_girlCute --> To a T! --> Yep
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) ABB_girlCute --> To a T! --> Ew, no!

Hair Guide (CF ONLY) BAA_girlGrown up --> Elegant --> Receive!
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) BAB_girlGrown up --> Elegant --> Give!
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) BBA_girlGrown up --> Alluring --> That's the idea
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) BBB_girlGrown up --> Alluring --> I'll say, "Back off!"

Hair Guide (CF ONLY) CAA_girlUnique --> Bring it on! --> A pop star
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) CAB_girlUnique --> Bring it on! --> A model!
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) CBA_girlUnique --> ZERO interest --> No, it takes work
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) CBB_girlUnique --> ZERO interest --> Totally

Hairstyle Colors

Choices (Cool)

Mysterious (Dark Brown)
Fresh (Blue)
Attractive (Green)
Radiant (White)

Choices (Warm)

Safe (Light Brown)
Lighthearted (Yellow)
Fiery (Red)
Flirty (Pink)

Bed Hair

Hair Guide (CF ONLY) Bed_boyHair Guide (CF ONLY) Bed_girl

If you don't log in to a certain character for a long period of time, you'll get bed hair. It will be the same color as the previous color you had. The only way to remove bed hair is to have your hair restyled at Shampoodle's in the City.

Opposite Gender Hairstyles
Hair Guide (CF ONLY) Opp_hair

As a male, you can get female hairstyles and vice versa. To get hairstyles of the opposite gender, just have every hairstyle of your gender at least once. Upon getting the last style of your own gender go back to Harriet the next day. When you sit in the chair, she will mention how good your character would look with a style of the opposite gender. Once she comments how good you would look with a hairstyle of the opposite gender, the question path is as follows:

A) "Cut it out!" Prompts you back to the style questions for your own gender.
B) "R-really?!" Prompts you to the question set for the opposite gender.

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